If the Lodi Schools cancel or close early due to weather, we will not have class. This semester has a built in “snow day”.  This means that the first time class is canceled, we will not make it up.  If there is more than one, make-up class schedules will be posted on our website within 24 hours of the cancellation.  We will not call each person with make-up times, please check for your re-scheduled class.  If you have any other questions regarding weather cancellations, you may call one of the numbers provided 

Costumes:  The costume cost will be between $60.00 & $75.00 for each class.  You will be asked to provide your own tights and undergarments for the performance.  On occasion, students may be asked to provide their own shorts or pants.  Any requirements will be outlined in the recital packets given to all students.  All XL costumes will be charged an additional $10.00 per costume, as determined by the costume company, which is the additional charge to the studio. 


You may register up until the second week of classes.  Please note: if you register late, the full amount of tuition will still be due.

Payment of Fees:  

The full tuition payment is expected at the time of registration, unless prior arrangements have been made with Danzxpress.  If an exception has been made, tuition will be due before the 3rd week of classes.  If the tuition is not paid in full by this date, your student will not be permitted to attend classes until the tuition had been paid.


Dress Code: 

Ballet and Tap Combos- Pink Ballet shoes & Black Tap shoes
Jazz and Tap Combos– Black Jazz shoes & Black Tap shoes
Hip Hop Classes-  Black Dance Sneakers (or Jazz shoes)
Tap Classes– Black Tap shoes
Ballet Classes– Pink Ballet shoes (canvas or leather)
Lyrical Classes– Dance Paws (or you may choose to dance barefoot)


Class Attire:

Ages 4-7- Black Leotard and pink tights (you may wear a skirt over your leotard)

Ages 8+- (Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Tap classes) Black Jazz Pants, capris or shorts, and a fitted athletic top        or leotard (Reminder that all students will be expected to have Black Jazz Pants for the    recital, but are not required to wear them for class)

8+ Ballet– Solid colored leotard and tights.  (you may wear a skirt, shorts, or leggings over your tights.  No long pants will be permitted in Ballet classes.  You may also wear a warm up, fitted top, or tank top over your leotard)